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Sponsors of the John L. Hennessy Awards Program

   The NATIONAL RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION (NRA) National Restaurant Association Logowas established in 1919 and represents the industry and the general public in interfacing with the government in matters related to the food service industry. The National Restaurant Association strives to enhance the prestige of the industry, a vital segment of our economic, political, and social system. Significant to the success of this goal is effective communication, which is gained through every appropriate channel, from advertising and public information to the annual educational exposition.  

For four decades, the National Restaurant Association has been the major industry sponsor of the Air Force Hennessy Trophy Awards Program, and in doing so, provided the Air Force with one of the finest motivational tools for better food service management and customer  service.  Annually they supply two board members for travels, sponsor the traveling trophies and the presentation ceremonies held in Chicago during the NRA's annual trade show.

   The SOCIETY FOR FOODSERVICE MANAGEMENT (SFM) was formed in 1979 through the
merger of the National Cafeteria Managers Association and the Association of Foodservice Management. The Society is composed of members representing companies which operate, provide goods and services, manufacture, or consult to the retail, noncommercial food service sector.  

In 2013, SFM expanded its association to better meet the needs of both food & beverage as well as hospitality professionals.  In this expansion SFM  renamed its association to the Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management (SHFM).

The Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management is the pre-eminent national association serving the needs and interests of executives in the corporate foodservice and workplace hospitality industries. Our principal role is to enhance the ability of our members to achieve career and business objectives in an ethical, responsible and professional climate.  They are q truly unique association with a membership that represents over three hundred companies and nearly 25% of Fortune 100 companies. Our members are the leaders that oversee all facets of corporate foodservice and workplace hospitality, including a broad range of duties that impact workplace productivity and morale: executive dining rooms; catering; cafeterias; dining centers; conference centers; health and fitness centers; child care centers; vending and pantry services; and meetings support, including audio-visual services.  SHFM represents the most influential professionals in these industries—the people who directly provide these services and oversee hundreds of business campuses and millions of employees.

  The INTERNATIONAL FOOD SERVICE EXECUTIVES ASSOCIATION (IFSEA) is a fraternal and educational organization dedicated to upgrading standards in the food service industry.  IFSEA strives to promote education, sound food legislation, expansion in food research, and prestige in the profession.  The support of the Air Force Hennessy Trophy Awards Program is one of the many aspects of the association’s promotion of the industry.  

IFSEA supports the Hennessy awards program by supplying one of its board members as a traveler as well as supplying compensation for their traveler during the month long trip.   IFSEA is the founding sponsor of the United States Army Connelly Award, the United States Navy Ney Memorial Award, and the United States Marine Corps Hill Award programs.

The HENNESSY TRAVELERS ASSOCIATION (HTA) is an alumni of past Hennessy travelers chartered with the overall responsibility of recognizing the youth of tomorrow within Air Force Food Service.  As the founding organization of the Hennessy Travelers Award of Excellence, annually they recognize the best of the best during their travels worldwide.  The HTA association was conceived in 1982 and recognized its first two recipients in 1983.  With dedicated support primarily of dues paying HTA members, they have continually recognized the dedicated youth in the Air Force industry annually.

The Hennessy Travelers Association (HTA) are an alumni of past travelers with a mission of maintaining the historical significance of what is believed to be the oldest industry and military advisory partnership since 1956. 

HTA alumni members can always be identified by their unique alumni lapel pin that they proudly wear.  There is only one way to become a member of this proud association, simply dedicate the time not only to their sponsoring association as a board member but volunteer to be a Hennessy traveler representing their parent organization.

The HTA acts as an advisory group of travelers from industry to develop techniques, management skills, advise and mentor Armed Forces food and beverage professionals.  Directly supported by volunteer contributions from past travelers we provide advisors and services uniquely tailored to military professionals. This stewardship enriches the interest of the Armed Forces and transfers intellectual best practices from industry that can be used to improve the Armed Services food and beverage operations.  Through this professional partnership we enhance operations and enhance industry employment opportunities for these Armed Forces members upon their completion of military service.

With outstanding industry support and sponsorship, the Hennessy Travelers Association provide historical education about the Hennessy process and also provide scholarships to Armed Forces food and beverage professionals assisting them as they transition from their military careers to one in the food & beverage hospitality industry.  The association's charter also provides a conduit for both industry and Air Force members to exchange ideas and seek follow-on employment with industry.   


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