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The John L. Hennessy - Trophy History

The Hennessy Trophy Awards Program has continued since it was first conceived in 1956.  As this program has grown and evolved, so has the trophies and other awards cherished by all.  These trophies have become a living history on the evolution of the Air Force and reflect its growth and change around the world.  These trophies represent the highest honor, being nominated as the annual winner by an academy of the most respected peers within the hospitality industry.  They are truly priceless!

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Air Force Active Duty Trophies

The Current Exchange Trophy's - One Small & Large Category

  • Height - 26"
  • Width - 16"
  • Weight - 48 pounds

The Carrying Case

  • Height - 30"
  • Width - 21"
  • Weight - 68 pounds

Total Combined Shipping Weight for a carrying case and one of the trophy's - - 116 pounds

* Note - Hennessy trophies and cases now exceed shipping
limits as excess baggage on most commercial aircraft.

Interesting Hennessy Trophy Facts - These exchange trophies "rotate" annually to the newly awarded John L. Hennessy winner in the two respective categories; Large Installation and Small Installation for active duty Air Force bases.  A replica plaque of the trophy depicting the installations achievement is "exchanged" as the trophy returns to Chicago each year.

Active Duty Trophies of Past Years

They have grown along with our Air Force!


Original John L. Hennessy
trophy as shown
in 1957.  Only one trophy
 existed in 1957 through 1961.
They did not rotate, rather
each was presented to
the winning installation.
There was only 1 overall
winner.   This is the only
known photo of these
original trophies.

The original rotating trophy
started in 1962.  This smaller version continued until 1975.
Two categories, Multiple (Lg)
and Single (Sm) where also
established.  Both trophies displayed winners since 1957.  Trophies retired in 1975 and
the only one remaining  is
displayed at Headquarters Service's Agency (HQ AFSVA),
in San Antonio, Texas

In 1976, a much larger
format trophy was designed
by the National Restaurant
Association (NRA).   The idea
was to increase the size
similar to the size of the
first five award trophies.
One of the two original
exchange trophy's
photographed in 1996.  
A third tiered base
was added to each of the
two exchange trophy's
to hold additional award
engraving plates.  The old
trophies were used in
part in today's current
rotating trophies
.  They have
grown as the program has
grown over the years.


Air Force Reserve Command Trophy - New in 2005

New in 2005 Air Force
Reserve Command (AFRC)
replica Hennessy Trophy
 - Awarded to the AFRC winner
 annually for their display
back at home base

Air National Guard Trophy                     

The SMSgt Kenneth Disney Award


Founded in 2000

Air National Guard
Headquarters (HQ ANG)

The SMSgt Kenneth Disney Awards Program was established to:

  • Promote excellence in guest service and meal quality

  • Inspire high morale, motivation, mission support,
    and a professional image
    through pride and spirited competition.

Doing your best, all of the
time, even when no one is looking.

SMSgt Kenneth

Disney Program White Paper


I will provide the best
service possible to
everyone any time, any place.

My moral compass.

In carrying out all
my responsibilities.

There is nothing within
reason, resources, and
my capabilities that I
won't do for you.

I promise uncompromising
energy in every task.

You're my customer,
my reason for existence.


Major Air Command (MAJCOM)
Trophies & Awards


Air Force Material
Gold Plate Award



Air Education & Training Command


U. S. Air Forces In Europe

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Food Service Website


 To develop, sponsor and promote educational opportunities for members of the U. S. Armed Forces serving in hospitality assignments and to provide encouragement, support and assistance for those members of the US Armed Forces who have an interest in pursuing career opportunities in our great hospitality industry upon their departure from military service.


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