The Hennessy Travelers Association

HTA Mission Statement
The Hennessy Travelers Association acts as an advisory group of travelers from industry to develop techniques, management skills, advise and mentor Armed Forces food and beverage professionals.  Directly supported by volunteer contributions from past travelers we provide advisors and services uniquely tailored to military professionals. This stewardship enriches the interest of the Armed Forces and transfers intellectual best practices from industry that can be used to improve the Armed Services food and beverage operations.  Through this professional partnership we enhance operations and enhance industry employment opportunities for these Armed Forces members upon their completion of military service.

2024 John L. Hennessy Award
68 Years of Recognizing Food Service Excellence - Worldwide!!!
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Region 1: (Eastern Globe)

- 39 FSS, Incirlik AB, Turkey
- 4 FSS, Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina
- 96 FSS, Eglin AFB, Florida
- 22 FSS, McConnell AFB, Kansas -Winner East Region

Evaluation Team Members:

Mr. Mike McCullum (NRA)
Mr. David Mitchell (NRA)
Ms. Cindy Woods (AFSVC)
MSgt Bernardo Martinez (AFSVC)

Region 2: (Western Globe)

- 17 FSS, Goodfellow AFB, Texas
- 90 FSS, F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming
- 99 FSS Nellis AFB, Nevada
- 374 FSS, Yokota AB, Japan - Winner West Region

Evaluation Team Members

Mr. Anthony “Tony” Kaszuba (NRA & SHFM)
Mr. Jack Kleckner (NRA, SHFM & IFSEA)
Lt Col Jeremy Tobias (AFSVC)
CMS Danny Ramirez (AFSVC)

Best USAFE/Small Sites:

- 701 MUNSS,  Kleine-Briegel AB, Belgium - Winner
- 703 MUNSS, Volkel AB, Netherlands

Evaluation Team Members

Mr. Jay Marshal (NRA)
Mr. Mark Dentremont (AFSVC)
SMS Willie Hart (AFSVC)

Best Missile Alert Field Feeding Operations:

- 5 FSS, Minot AFB, North Dakota
- 90 FSS, F. E. Warren AFB, Wyoming - Winner

Evaluation Team Members

Mr. Baron McDaniels (NRA)
SMS Shawanda Summers (AFSVC)
MSgt Antonio Edwards (AFSVC)


  National Restaurant Association Military Foundation Website (NRAMF)  

The Hennessy Trophy Awards Program has continued since it was first conceived in 1956, with the
first team traveling in 1957 chartered to:

  Promote excellence in customer service and food service support within the Air Force through quality
improvements, recommendations and information exchange with industry partners.

  Inspire high morale, motivation, mission support, and a professional image through an annual spirited
 competition selecting the "Best of the Best" within Air Force Food Service.

The Annual Hennessy Trophy Awards Program reflects the dedication, pride, and fellowship
of the civilian food service industry and the Air Force in improving the Air Force way of life.

The annual Hennessy program also allows the sharing of valuable information between the sponsoring associations travelers, recognized leaders in the civilian food service industry, and Air Force Food Service personnel.  Achieving success in the Hennessy competition is a reflection of pride, commitment, and motivation to be the best.  The tools of success include superior customer service, astute management, command support of food service operations, and the attitude on behalf of the base to excel and become a winner.

The John L. Hennessy Trophies are an annual set of awards presented to Air Force installations, in single and multiple facility categories, having the best foodservice programs in the United States Air Force.  Special recognition is also paid to both the Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserve for the unwavering commitment to the total Air Force mission.  These awards are based on the entire scope of an installation�s program. 

To win - operations must exhibit sustained excellence in foodservice management, force readiness support,
food quality, employee and customer relations, resource conservation, training, and safety.

The John L. Hennessy Trophies have been awarded annually since the awards program inception in 1956.  As this program has grown and evolved, so have the actual trophies and associated individual awards.  These trophies represent the history and evolution of the Air Force and reflect its growth and change around the world.  To be nominated as an annual winner by a cadre of respected peers from within the hospitality industry is truly an honor. 

This program is possible only through the selfless involvement of individuals from premiere industry associations who
volunteer to travel with Headquarters Air Force Food Service staff.  This alumni of past travelers make up the Hennessy
Travelers Association (HTA), committed to providing opportunities and mentor our Armed Forces Foodservice professionals that they recognize during their evaluations. 

Please keep those that are still deployed worldwide serving both their country
and their customers in your thoughts and prayers!

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