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Hennessy Travelers Association Educational Foundation

Mission Statement

          To develop, sponsor and promote educational opportunities for members of the U. S. Armed Forces serving in hospitality assignments and to provide encouragement, support and assistance for those members of the US Armed Forces who have an interest in pursuing career opportunities in our great hospitality industry upon their departure from military service.


2010 Meeting Minutes

10 Jun 10

Working Project Budget & Pledges

Communications Pitch & Briefing

  • Marketing - (*Peter Mihajlov, **Ted Burke, Jim Sellers, Ken Hill, Jack Kleckner, Jara Allen, Bob Rice & Steve Bedford)

  • Event Planning - (*Russ Adams, **Art Ritt, George Miller, Russ Benson, Dick Hynes, Russ Adams, Bill Spencer, Ron Tremper & Col Ben Trotter)

  • Education & Scholarship - (*Peter Lee, **Russ Benson, Dick Hynes, Owen Davies & Owen Moore)

  • Finance, Budget & Development - (*Dick Crawford, **Mike Gibbons, Ed Tinsley, Ken Hill & Peter Lee

*Chair, ** Co-Chair

2009 Board Meeting

Travelers Handbook

2010 Potential Event Site
- New CIA Campus San Antonio -
-- Site of the old Pearl Brewery --

There's a New Campus CIA announcement



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